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    The main function of piston ring is seal, heat conduction, oil control and bearing. Piston ring prevent gas leakage from cylinder, transfer part of heat from piston to cylinder liner. The real contact cylinder wall is piston ring in piston kit. It fill the gap between piston and cylinder wall and seal the combustion chamber. Piston ring is the most easy to wear  in engine parts. Although it is just a Flat metal ring with incision, it plays a vital role in engine power stroke. Its performance influence directly the dynamic property, economical efficiency and environment of internal combustion engine.

    Good wear resistance with cylinder linerelasticity modulus material research and development,the optimum elliptic type and cross-section shape design, precision machining accuracy, good abrasion resistance of surface treatments such as gas nitriding/chromium-ceramic-coating/ion plating/PVD, all of above fulfill piston ring rigorous work condition and environmental emission requirements.






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